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Who we are

Compel Marketing is a Partner of The Home Service Expert.

The Home Service Expert is a Marketing Agency built by Tommy Mello, the owner of A1Garage, a $40M home service business with over 200 employees in 12 states. 

Having first hand experience growing a successful home service business, Tommy decided to expand into helping other home-service business owners grow their companies by providing operational, sales and marketing consultancy and services.

He has already made every mistake and had every problem on the way to building his thriving Home Service Company, and wants to help you avoid making those same mistakes. He has an MBA in business and grease under his fingernails...he knows where you are...because he's been there. He knows where you want to be... and he can get you there.

Together Compel and Home Service Expert Agency is helping home service businesses across the nation grow to the next level.

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What we do for you

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We are a full service marketing agency specializing in the Home Service industry. 

SEO, Pay Per Click, Facebook advertising, reputation management, websites and more.

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We work with you and your team on a full sales funnel, from CRM setup to in-market training with your sales team.

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Stop money leakage, increase profits, expand without getting buried in credit interest. We can review your books and operations and build you a plan for profit.

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Millionaires think differently!

Embracing a new way of thinking and adapting a new mentality for success is key for growing your business. 


"I’m so happy I found Tommy's coaching program, I was at a point in my business that I needed someone help me scale my business, so that I'm able to service and help more clients. I especially want to thank my coach Kenyon Curtis, he is awesome. He has opened my eyes of the potential that my business could be with the right guidance. I highly recommend Tommy’s program, if you're serious about scaling your business & changing your family’s future."

Nicandro Sidon

Nick’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Inc

Photo of Nick

"Tommy is awesome in his approach to marketing and customer service… After experiencing below-average success, we got Tommy to review our marketing strategy. His understanding of customers’ needs...helped my in-house SEO/marketing team create a system that now attracts over 45,000 organic hits to our website per month. This year, we are having our best sales and profitability ever"

Aaron Evans

CPA, CEO, EvansTax, PLC and Powerblanket

Photo of Aaron

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does our service cost?

HSE services are very affordable. We provide everything from a simple online presence solution for $50/mo all the way 360 degree marketing package that can go up to $5,000/mo. In addition we provide sales and operations consulting. We know how to start small and grow with you! 

What type of home service businesses do we work with?

HSE covers all home business services, whether you're an HVAC, Garage door installation, cleaning, electrician, or anything else, we got you covered. 

What makes HSE different

Our team has actually managed to be successful and grow a $40M/yr home service business. We've been there and done that, when it comes to operations, marketing, explanations, finance, sales, and everything in between. We are not just marketers, we are still home service people first and foremost.

I'm just starting out, can you help me?

Yes. HSE specializes in helping home service businesses grow, we understand that a $0.5m a year business needs different help than a $10m a year business, and we know how to grow and help both.


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