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Yes, it’s true, you can sell services on Amazon!! In fact, Amazon is selling services in 1200+ business categories from top local Home Service Professionals. Including Assemblers, House Cleaners, Handymen, Land-scapers and many more. 

Get jobs right from Amazon, 

  • 2.6 billion visitors per month!
  • 54% of all searches start on Amazon
  • It is 55% of ALL ecommerce in the United States

You can see why this opportunity is so big!

With the Selling Services on Amazon app, you can see new jobs in your area and only choose the ones that fit your schedule. It's a great way to keep your business busy or to fill in the open gaps throughout your week

What are the Benefits of adding Amazon Home Services to Your Business Plan?

Leverage the Trust of Amazon
Amazon has Millions of customers who trust them, who you can now reach.

Real Jobs
No more chasing leads. You get real customer jobs. Customers actually buy your services online!

Invite Only
They hand-pick only the best service providers, so compete with only the best in your area. This establishes you as a leader.

Add New Customers to Your List
Sell Future Services Directly to Your New Customers without Amazon fees

Easy Turn-Key Business Model

Easily managed by logging into an App to claim jobs, get reminders, and clock in and out with the customer

Step 1

We Set You Up on Amazon

We go over all requirements and technical setup for you and your team. We review your business and take you through the process of setting you up on Amazon. Don’t worry, we do everything for you.

Step 2

Get Discovered

Once you’re live on Amazon, customers can easily find and purchase your services while shopping on Amazon.com. Your services will also show up with related products.

Amazon Sends You Jobs and We'll Help You Manage It

Receive actual jobs when customers order your pre-packaged services. You get an app (that we will train you on) via which you’ll receive job opportunities from Amazon. You decide which one to take.

Step 4

Get Paid By Amazon

Simply show up, complete the job and get paid. If you need to add more team members (e.g. technicians), change something in your profile, we’ll be there to help you setup and recommend the best next steps. 

What Does

This Cost?

Packaged Services

Services with defined scope which allow customers to purchase based on price estimates (for example: TV wall mounting, bed assembly, treadmill assembly, move-in or move-out house cleaning). 

Amazon charges:

  • 20% commission for the portion up to $1,000
  • 15% commission for the portion greater than $1,000

Our Agency Charges

We charge a small one time fee that is based on the number of team members you want to onboard. This includes guiding you through the process and helping you get accepted. In addition to setting you up on Amazon you will be trained on using the App. 

If you want us to manage your account, update it and promote it, there is a small monthly recurring fee based on company size.


Asked Questions

Why would I want this?

  1. If you need more appointments to fill holes in your calendar-this is perfect. 
  2. If you want to grow your business- add a tech and Amazon. 
  3. If you need to fill seasonal lulls- this is great. 
  4. But here is the Biggest Reason-- 54% of all searches start at Amazon, when people find out they can get Home Services on Amazon they are going to skip Google and your website, Yelp and Angie's List and go straight to Amazon. And you can be on the inside to take advantage of that.

How long will this opportunity be available?

Who knows...but right now is the perfect time to join while the market is new, and you can establish yourself with Amazon as a trusted reliable partner. Lock in your spot before they fill up and close the door on your Home Service Category.

Isn't 20% kinda high?

This is not a lead you pay for that may or may not turn into work. This is a real job. A real job based on job values and minimums you establish. Think about it as a future happy customer you can reach out to time after time for repeat work without paying an Amazon fee. (If you do PPC, those companies charge 20% of your advertising budget right off the top before sending leads to your site. And those are just leads-- not jobs.)

I heard I can do this myself, can I?

Sure, but look at it this way. Your customers can do many of the things Home Service Techs do, but they know it will get done quicker and get done right when they call you. It's the same in this case. We know the ins and outs of onboarding. We know the things that will cause the slowing or the stopping of the process. When we do it for you, it's going to get done right, and it will get done quicker. 


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